It was such a pleasure getting to spend the afternoon exploring the beautiful red rocks of Sedona Arizona with Mecah & Matt during their Sedona Engagement Session! I asked Mecah to share a bit about how Matt proposed:

I had spent Christmas morning with just my parents and two sisters, and Matthew was spending the morning with his family. After we had exchanged gifts and spent the morning together, I remember asking my mom if it was totally unacceptable if I skipped taking a shower and getting ready for the day. She gave me the most disgusted look I have EVER seen her make, and pretty much demanded I go freshen up (which makes so much sense why now).By the time I finally got the motivation to take a shower and get dressed, my best friend Taylor and her two year old daughter, Presley, had arrived. My laziness continued and I was refusing to do my hair, so Taylor, the angel that she is, had offered to curl it for me. It pretty much took an army to get me ready, and by that time, everyone was over at my parent’s house and we were all sitting around the kitchen table. Matthew and his mom were SO quiet, and looked SO uncomfortable. I tried to loosen them up by offering drinks and striking up a conversation because they were acting like they have never hung around my family before! Out of no where Matthew said, “Let’s go take pictures!” So we all sprung out of our seats and went outside to the usual place we take pictures at in my parent’s backyard. Matthew and I were in the middle of getting our pictures taken when our dog, Chibbs, ran outside with a big red bow tied around his neck. When I leaned down to see what was wrapped around his neck, I noticed a keychain that read, “Mom, will you marry dad?!” I turned around and Matthew was down on his knee… He was so nervous he had the ring box facing away from me, so I didn’t even see the ring before it was on my finger!After I said yes, my dad came outside with a bottle of champagne and we all continued the celebration together!

Congratulations to you both! I can not wait to celebrate the two of you on your sweet wedding day at The Paseo this November!