We could not have asked for a more perfect day to capture Laura & Greg’s Desert Botanical Garden Engagement photos! You just can’t beat our sweet Arizona light during golden hour! I asked Laura to tell me about how Greg proposed:

Greg lured me to The Montelucia on May 27th with the promise of live music and drinks! We went to the bar ordered drinks and he suddenly “needed to run to the spa to see if they had any openings for the next day for massages”. He was not gone for long and when he returned he had stated that the strangest thing had happened to him on his way to the Spa. First,  he was walking back he saw a UFC fighter that he had been talking to me about the weekend before AND that the girl at the Spa had given him a “free room” because the resort sometimes gives their employees free rooms but she could not use hers (in hindsight both of these things are random and absurd but in his mind he was “throwing me off” from the room lie with throwing something true and relevant (UFC fighter) in there, haha). He asked if I wanted to go check out the room and I said yes but could I finish my drink first…. he said yes so we sat there randomly chatting about the U of A softball game that was on the TV (as he was sweating bullets and anxious as heck!) After we finished our drinks we left and headed to the room. When we got there he stuck the key in the door, so he was in front of me, but, he grabs me around the waist and gently “shoves” me in front of him to go in first. It made me laugh because I was not sure why he was being so pushy and practically pushed me in! When I walked in the room there were rose petals on the floor from the door to the bed. Our favorite Ellie Goulding song was playing and there was a heart of rose petals on the bed with the ring in the middle. He grabs the ring, gets down on one knee and pops the question. I think I blacked out in shock because after what felt like an eternity, he asks ‘Well?”. I had said yes in my head I guess but forgot to say the words out loud! It was a very sweet intimate moment that we got to share with each other – then he states that we have to go because all of my friends are waiting for us at dinner (my birthday is May 30th). He is always surprising me and this was just icing on the cake! It was the perfect night with the proposal shared just by the two of us and then a celebration with all of my closest friends! I must note that I did have a feeling the proposal was coming in the near future but I was not any less shocked once it actually happened – it is such a surreal moment that you cannot anticipate how you feel or react!

Laura & Greg, I had such a blast getting to know the two of you, and am beyond excited for your sweet wedding next May at Sassi!