It was an absolutely perfect evening to document Alyssa & Brandon’s Desert Engagement Session! The weather was on point, and these two literally stole my heart! The way Brandon looks at Alyssa is so pure and perfect! Their love for each other shines threw in their incredible personalities!


I asked Alyssa to share with me how Brandon proposed: “Brandon always knew there were two crucial things that had to happen before he could propose. First, it was a strong suggestion (requirement) by her parents that Alyssa was at least 25 years old (he met her at 23). Second, he would have to ask for permission from both of her parents, and try to find a way to keep Alyssa from knowing about it (a nearly impossible task). So after her 25th birthday in October, within two months he had designed a custom ring through her favorite jeweler in New York, told most of their closest friends about the upcoming proposal, and planned the perfect new year party to set the stage for the proposal. On December 31, 2016, as the countdown of minutes to the new year was beginning, Brandon poured champagne for all and began a heartfelt speech thanking friends for coming, reflecting on the last year memories, and finally brought Alyssa up to say how happy he is to have her in his life. In the last minute before the new year, he said we are missing part of the family for the celebration, and a friend brought out their rescue puppy Kona who had a sign around her neck that said “Will you marry my daddy?”. Alyssa saw this and turned around to find Brandon on one knee with ring in hand. It was the perfect moment with the best of friends to share it with. The First Date 5/5/2014. The Yes Date 12/31/2016. The Best Date 11/03/2018.”


Congratulations you two, I have no doubt that your sweet wedding is going to be everything you dream it will be!