There is something so beautiful about Prescott in the wintertime. With cooler temps and light breeze in the air, it could not have been a more perfect place to document Tiffany & Troy’s engagement session! I asked Tiffany to tell me how Troy proposed:

“Troy & I met in Kindergarten – yes its true!!! I knew I loved him then… I wrote about him in my diary (which we recently found and laughed far too much) and had the biggest crush on him. I even asked him out once and he turned me down to play football on recess instead, which broke my grade-school heart! After attending Kindergarten thru 6th grade together, Troy’s family moved during winter break.

A few years later we reconnected on Myspace (haha) and then again on Facebook. We had gone on a few dates throughout high school and had remained friends. It wasn’t until we ran into each other at a Coyotes Game in Spring of 2012 that our relationship officially started. We met up for a drink after the game, but afterwards went our separate ways – After several attempts to ask me out (I was holding a 15 year grudge!) I finally agreed and was beyond smitten. Tory is hilarious , an absolute charmer and a total gentleman. Unfortunately, I moved to Bakersfield for work right after graduation which pushed us into a long distance relationship rather quickly. Thankfully, after only 6 months I moved back home to Phoenix and we were finally able to grow our relationship.

“After dating for almost 5 years Troy finally popped the question in the absolute BEST way possible! He definitely made the wait well worth it!  I am a cheer coach, and LOVE my students and my job! He knew how much they meant to me and found a way to make them all a part of his proposal. I just so happen to also coach my best friends daughter and Troy was working with Ashlee (My best friend and MOH) on the proposal.

On the night of our end-of-season showcase, I had just finished with awards, Ashlee said she had a surprise for me because “I am the best coach ever” and asked me to step forward and close my eyes. As I was anxiously awaiting my “surprise” Troy had asked another cheer mom to lay down rose petals and my older cheerleaders lined up balloons that said “Marry Me” – This whole time I had my eyes closed and NO ONE SAID A PEEP – Dozens of little cheerleaders and no on gave it away. I honestly thought I was getting an end of the year thank you gift of sort. But this gift was FAR better. When she told me to open my eyes and turn around, Troy was standing there in a suit with roses and a big smile. I was in shock!!! After saying a few very sweet words, he asked me to be his Wife!! Of course I said YES! “

So much sweetness! Tiffany & Troy, I can not wait to document your wedding in 2018!