The first time I met Alexa & Blake I knew that these two were people were meant to be together. So it was no surprise that their Saguaro Lake Engagement session went off without a hitch!  Their chemistry is beautiful and the joy and laughter they bring out in one another is something that simply can not be ignored. Alexa’s soft personality is complimented by Blake’s lighthearted outlook on life. Blake’s affection for Alexa also something I could not get over! The way he continuously offered to help her manage the rough terrain we were forced to meander through or the way he simply continued to hold her hand throughout the entire session…I am getting goosebumps just thinking about it again! Bottom line is, these two are the real deal! Their love is beautiful and their personalities are even more so!

Here’s a little back story as to how Blake proposed: Blake had been planning for months to surprise Alexa at a Christmas get together and gift exchange. With the help of a few of Alexa’s friends, they organized the gift exchange “white elephant” style. He made sure she would be the last one to choose a present and the only present left was the ring. As she opened the present he knelt down on one knee in front of all their friends. She was SO SURPRISED!

Now if that is not creative, I don’t know what is! Alexa and Blake, CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement. I am beyond excited to be documenting your sweet wedding day next spring!