Kristin & Zach celebrated their wedding day this past December at the beautiful and iconic Wrigley Mansion in Phoenix Arizona. With Christmas just around the corner, the mansion was quaintly decorated with classic elements of red and green which paired perfectly with Kristin & Zach’s color palette for their sweet wedding day! I still can not say enough how much I simply adore these two!

I asked to Kristen to share with me a little bit about how she and Zach met:

“It was May 2014, and Kristin was casually perusing Facebook. Out of the corner of her eye, she happened to notice a quite handsome face under “People You May Know” – something she had never paid attention to before. She, of course, did a little (okay, a lot of) checking into this guy. She immediately felt drawn to him, and couldn’t shake the sensation that she MUST meet him! After much contemplation, Kristin decided to send him a Facebook private message.. to which, Zach read and NEVER REPLIED!! Kristin was crushed. Zach was…. young and naive. đŸ˜‰

Fast forward almost 2 years exactly. Kristin decided it may be time to download one of those dating apps, and so she became the newest member of “Bumble”. (For those of you that don’t know, Bumble has you set up a little profile, and allows you to view others profiles. You must match via mutually liking each other before you can exchange messages – at which time, the girl must message the guy first in order to begin a conversation.) It was only about the third profile that came across Kristin’s screen that caught her eye, to which she thought, “IT’S THAT GUY!” Then came the crucial moment – did she try again? Kristin’s stubbornness kicked in, and after a quick swipe right, there was an instant match. Now, here she was again, preparing to send Zach ANOTHER message. She did, of course (hoping he didn’t remember the Facebook message) and received an instant, rather bold reply, immediately asking her on a date. Kristin agreed… and that was the beginning of the best thing that’s ever happened to either one of us.

By the way, Zach did remember the Facebook message, come to find out on our third date. We like to think timing is everything!”

Creative Team:

Photography : Tasha Brady Photography

Planning & Design: Events By Sloane

Flowers: Ritas Floral Designs

Venue: Wrigley Mansion

Hair/Makeup: La Lou Salon

Cake: A Bake Shop